Ordered a 2024 Ascent Limited and trading in my 2022 Outback touring xt

So it’s no surprise here with all the annoying problems I have with this car it’s got to go. The engine rattle they still can’t pinpoint Is the last straw. I was looking at a Toyota 4Runner limited. One word….SLOW. Can’t deal with how slow it is and the constant downshifts on the Highway to maintain 70ish. Also the Toyota dealer wants to give $28,000 on the trade in. No way. So Subaru guaranteed trade is $34,800. The dealer will order me the Ascent limited with a factory hitch and no moonroof for $41,000. Also I have a $750 loyalty coupon and my wife is an ambassador so there is another $500 coupon there. All in all I’m putting in like $6,000 to upgrade my car for a 2024. I’m hoping that the Ascent is a better post. covid vehicle than the lemon I have lolol. What does everyone think? Take the deal or walk away? Thoughts please. Thank you.

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