Old problem, still no solution!! Beep and electric dead

This is my first post. Used 2021 Ascent, 9k miles, just picked up from Subaru dealer two days ago. I haven’t driven it yet (due to some leg surgeries). I tried to get to know him this afternoon, hung up and later heard the dreaded beeping sound. The switch does not work and the electrical system is dead. Read the manual, went through this forum and found that this is a common problem. Other than pulling it, the only common solution/suggestion was to hold the elevator door open button down for 10 seconds. Did it for both buttons, inside and outside. No answer.

I can wait until tomorrow, but I might get kicked out because my car keeps chirping. The neighbors will not be happy.

Any other ideas? Car battery should be good after only 9k miles. This is my first Subaru and I hope this is not indicative of what I may face in the future. Thanks for any help.

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