Oil in spark plugs and coil packing / excessive oil consumption

I bought OB limit 2013 for about 132K two months ago and the car has excessive oil consumption. I took the car to the dealer for an oil consumption test and the dealer determined that the car needs a short block replacement which will cost over 7K. I’m not going to spend that much money on a replacement. I understand that the car is beyond the extended warranty, so I’m trying to do everything I can to keep the car for 3 years without giving up on me.

I have been following the oil consumption and the low engine oil light has come on several times. He went out again today after traveling 177 miles. Sometimes it can go a little over 200 miles. The car has no external oil leaks. I checked the PCV valve to make sure it is working properly and replaced the hose.

Yesterday I was planning to change the spark plugs. The coil pack and plugs were all covered in motor oil. Given the oil consumption, I was not surprised.

My question is – does changing the valve cover gasket and plug seals help reduce oil consumption? If not, can I just replace the plugs?

Also, any other tips to help reduce oil consumption would be greatly appreciated.

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