New record broken in windshield | Subaru Ascent Forum

Windshields, like many other components, are covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Picking up a chip or crack from road debris would not qualify. Just luck of the draw given that scenario. check your auto insurance coverage. You can have full coverage or sometimes with a smooth windshield rider (this rider may or may not include the windshield). My coverage is from comprehensive. Discounts will apply. They must be replaced with OEM (OEM is only available now for Ascension 2023) and must include recalibration.

the two main companies that can replace and recalibrate are Safelite and Novus. Most other glass replacement companies can replace but not completely. Dealerships can recalibrate, but many do not replace the windshield. The 2023 rearview cameras come with the camera mount already installed on the windshield, which is different from previous years.

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