New Outback or Forester? | Subaru Outback Forums

Forrester is shorter car, period, but is taller in the back bay.
Outback is as long as most mid-size SUV’s and some full size SUV’s, thus a longer back bay.
Outback has about 6ft. behind front seats, so boards or gear or other is easier to fit in there. Heck, I can throw my bike in the Outback with room to spare. So, having more linear feet (without going to a big SUV) mad the Outback the choice for me.
Suspension and engine power was far better on the Outback than on the Forrester.

I’m not trying to talk you into the Outback; but you asked which we’d choose. If you don’t need the extra space, you don’t care about the power difference, or the smoother ride, and you just like the size and look of the Forrester, go for it. It is a good car too! In fact excellent traction.

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