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I thought I’d open a thread on the 2023 Outback and Beyond – Delivery Timeframe since the main 2023 thread is getting pretty voluminous. I thought it would be good to compare experiences like the 2022 Outback delivery thread and give others some insight on when to order a 2023 Outback. (Not sure if the 2023 is still considered a Gen 6 Outback – maybe a Gen 6 version A.)

I will start:

My 2023MY timeline:
7/14/22: Order placed – Outback Touring XT – Cosmic Blue – Nappa Brown [Day ordering of MY23 officially opened]
7/14/22: LATE received with expected October delivery date
8/15/22: VIN received with revised expected delivery date of September (I received the VIN because I reached out and asked – not sure when it became available)
17.8.22: Scheduled date
8/24/22 – Release date
8/24/22 – The window sticker became available that night – (afternoon).
25.8.22 – Railway date
(9/12/22 – Estimated Arrival)

9/6/22 – Car arrived at Dealership
9/7/22 – Received delivery and took it home!

Total time – from date of order to arrival at dealership 54 days.

For perspective, the order timelines seem to be improving compared to my 2022 order which took 73 days. Here was my timeline for 2022:
My 2022MY timeline:
3/13/22: Order placed – Outback Touring XT
3/14/22: VON received
5/25/22: Arrived at dealer
(From the date my 2022 order arrived to the time I received the 2023 was just under 3 months and 2 weeks. Expect a very reasonable wait for me to receive the 2023.)

EDIT – I am adding more reference resources here to help people track and help those who want to learn more about 2023.

To track the delivery of your vehicle to your dealer. (If your seller uses Cassens shipping for shipping.)

To view your window sticker, enter your vin on this site:
If you have your VIN and your dealer has completed their part, you may be able to see your vehicle on You can name your vehicle at this point:

To get your Subaru Tokens of Ownership

2023 Subaru Outback Touring XT Owners Manual – I’m not sure if the owners manuals are different based on trim, but here is a link for the 2023 Outback Touring XT – Please note that from this link you can also navigate to in other information such as as: Vehicle Technologies; Warning and indicator lights; Standard features

Information from Subaur’s American Media Center:

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