New for Subaru as well as Ascent

Lots of posts here about this concern. First you have to adjust to the CVT and the pedal. The lighter you are on the pedals, the better. Try just lightly pegging the RPMs to 2k or 2.5k and let the CVT do its job of accelerating. Most start driving it by pressing the pedal and backing off as the trans shifts into higher gears. I’ve had this setup as well, and when I’m not having fun shooting it or trying to go fast, I can get very good mileage. Stop and go city driving will always be short IMO due to the weight of the vehicle.
Almost everyone has mentioned improvement as things split – 2 types from what I’ve determined. 1) The vehicle that “learns” your driving behavior and the biggest one 2) after about 30k miles after the engine is broken (the most common statistics are given here). I’m only at 12k and have seen great highway mileage on long trips despite hard acceleration and 75-85 speed.

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