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Beautiful! I personally like thinner wheels with thicker tires.

BTW, don’t forget to get the 76.2mm to 56.1 joint adapter (“center ring on center”) and the proper stud nuts to fit the stud seats on the rim.

Surely the view is wonderful. I like that the icon has textured surfaces that also used a clean gray layer as an accent.

I am working with some guys from Tire Rack & Discount Tire to see when they will have them available. They always include plugs and rings as part of the package. The problem with the tire rack is that I would have to leave whatever I buy unmounted and pay an extra fee as I intended to get the OEM TPMS

Now it remains to decide whether to go with Yokohama G015 or Continental TerrainContacts. I like the look of the 265/60R18, but I’m not sure I want to justify the extra width.

Anyone running 255/60R18 care to post some pics of your setup?

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