Need option to permanently disable Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB)

Dear Subaru,
The Ascent has a safety and convenience flaw related to its Reverse Automatic Braking (RAB) system which can and should be fixed retroactively (back to 2019 Ascents). Specifically, we need a way to disable RAB that keeps it disabled until we manually re-enable it. This behavior is how RAB disable works in your new Outbacks, and that functionality needs to come to the Ascent.

RAB works well when nothing is attached to the receiver hitch, but RAB does not work as intended when the receiver hitch is in use. With a bike rack, hitch cargo carrier, trailer, etc. attached to the receiver hitch, RAB prevents the Ascent from backing up because it incorrectly interprets the attachment as an obstacle.

While this is an annoyance, which can be somewhat mitigated by disabling RAB every time we start our Ascents, it is also a safety hazard. If we need to reverse quickly to prevent an accident, for example, accidentally pulling too far out of a parking lot and suddenly realizing a car is coming, RAB prevents us from reversing.

Subaru, you heavily market to active, outdoor adventurers, and as member of your target adventure market, my Ascent has a bike rack or other hitch attachment on it nearly 100% of the time. There is almost no time my Ascent’s receiver hitch is not in use, so this RAB problem is a persistent everyday problem for me.

You have fixed this flaw in your 2022 (and perhaps older) Outbacks. The RAB disable button in a new Outback looks exactly like the Ascent’s RAB disable button, except the Outback RAB disable button permanently disables RAB until the driver manually re-enables it. This leads me to believe Subaru has the ability to fix the Ascent’s RAB safety problem via a software update.

Subaru, please fix this safety and inconvenience flaw with RAB on the Ascents via a software update to our existing Ascents. It is not sufficient to fix the RAB system on future/newer Ascents.

Warm regards,
A skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking Ascent owner, for whom the Ascent is his 4th Subaru (1985 Subaru Wagon, 2005 Outback, 2017 Outback, 2021 Ascent).

**To all on the forums, please comment on this thread to show support for this request to Subaru.

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