My first major problem from my 22 OBW

Coming back from WBM this Sunday, I know something is off by the time I leave the meeting! 2 days later my 23 month old battery is dead!
At first I thought I left something on Sunday night because by the time I get home it’s already dark. I have to unload my gear back to the garage! So is it possible for me to have something! And on Monday I didn’t use the car. This can cause battery drain! I recharge it and it starts fine, nothing seems wrong! The next morning the battery is dead again! WTF, Now I know I didn’t have anything the first time, it’s something wrong with the car.

Today I bring it to see what’s going on! 5 hours later, I have a new bigger and better battery under warranty. They also need to replace the battery tray and clip in order to fit the new SOA821B900 battery.

Service advisor says my battery is completely dead, can’t hold any charge! Really??? the battery is not even 2 years old!
Fingers crossed this is the real problem they fix with a battery replacement. I love this car, hope to keep it longer before moving on to something else! Bronco Wildtrak is calling me :p

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