My 2¢ 2020 and your tips for what’s next

Here are some data points on my rental experience with a 2020 Ascent Limited 7 seater after 35k miles.
I would also love to hear what YOU would do in my situation.


  • Most comfortable seat of any car I’ve owned
  • Great physical buttons, love all the high trim features, moonroof, HK sound system, memory seats, etc. etc.
  • The bucket seats for our kids have been great. We’ve managed to handle some large loads and even adults on 3 hour road trips in the 3rd row (tight, but it works)
  • Impressive pull in everything the Catskills have thrown at us
  • Excellent safety features

The lowest:

  • The brakes. God, the shudder of the brakes. And Subaru refusing to service them beyond pads or rotor machining
  • CVT washboard vibration persists after recall and reprogram
  • Electric windows get stuck when wet
  • The cargo area lighting is terrible
  • Bodyroll makes some cars


  • remembers. Annoying but the service is great and fast.
  • Infotainment UX screen
  • Sharp rush
  • The treatment response is a bit slow. Not so bad to feel insecure or annoying.

What should we do next?
TL;DR: should I end the turkey lease or buy it back and sell it on the market after we find our perfect replacement?

So our lease is up in three weeks. The take-back price we’ve locked in is better than what we can get for anything comparable on the market ($25,400), so this is a tempting option. We also have 1 fender bender on record so I’m a little worried the seller will try to charge us for it if we just return it. We are not interested in another lease.
We have the money to get something new, and my wife wants something a little smaller with better visibility. It will probably mean giving up the third row and getting a second car at some point, but I think we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.
On the other hand, we can just keep it, try to fix the brakes on the last few weeks of the warranty, and then do our new car search without the rental pressure countdown.

Finally, call this Forum – it’s the best!

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