Max allowable Tire tread depth difference

All numbers are static and change as soon as the car is moving.

does this not make sense:
if a 5EAT changes from 45 front to 50 front, ONLY
and a 4MT changes from 90 front to 50 front, can you see why I would get the impression that the MT will use the front tires more? And that therefore the belief that front tires wear more Could be due to the majority of miles on the tires being primarily biased to torque applied to the front in the MT?

Similarly, would you agree that on a non awd car that is FWD only, one would put the newer pair in front, but that for a RWD car, the newer pair belongs in back, no?

You also mention that the reason fronts wear more is due to braking, not acceleration. And that your 5EAT still wears the front more for braking reasons.

Thanks for the education. I will monitor my front and rear tread depth carefully and rotate accordingly.

So far it appears there is no concensus, among the 3 options for my 2 newer tires
1. Front
2. Rear
3. alternating corners one new one used

fwiw, option 3 would seem to be a bad idea with LSD, which is present in the rear of my OBW LL Bean

anyone with supporting evidence for any of the 3 options, please share. Opinions and theory are good, however, confirming evidence would be helpful.

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