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There are other videos that show that the mid cables connect to the frame with a little wire clip that sometimes breaks, so people replace those connections with a small carabiner or hook or something.

That sounds like a different setup than our previous gen6 2016 Liberty (Legacy) 3.6R and current gen5 2019 3.6R have. At the wire end of the timber adjustment cable there is an eye clamped at the end of the cable and this eye is clamped over the end of the tension spring.

I just extended the cable with a small SS D clamp and secured/centered it with cable ties. By extending the cable this way, I can get less timber but still have timber trim.

It’s pretty tight in there, so there are a few tricks I’ve used to make it easier. If anyone wants to know what they are I can post it.

Not a very clear picture, but it shows what I mean.


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