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Figured I’d start my own thread, as oddly enough to me, I didn’t find a lot of info on this using search in the gen 6 section.
The plastic cladding/trim piece on the bottom of the door on both sides of my car is coming loose at the front. You can see the foam tape behind the plastic piece being stretched to the end of it’s ability to hold.
Has anyone had to deal with this? Is the fix a new trim piece? Are there clips behind the piece like the gen 5?
Looking for experience as both sides of my car are coming loose, my wife’s car has a loose piece, and my sister’s Wilderness also has a loose piece.
I already expect, if I take it to the dealer they’ll want to replace the piece, charge me $300 per side, and it’ll fall off again in a year or so. And my car is no longer under bumper to bumper warranty so it’s on me.

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