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I am the original owner of 2015 outback 2.5 limited. Since Dec 2022, when spark plugs were replaced at 104K miles I noticed some serious hesitation, like hiccups, when engine is warm and operating in low RPM 1100-2000. At cruising speed, sometimes the same jerking occurs. At this service dealer noted slight oil on plugs and found throttle body dirty. They cleaned it and oiled around spark plug socket.

I’ve had family members try to re-create and they could. I changed the brand of top-tier gas, thinking dirty gas. Returned to the dealer in June with the same issue and they performed air/fuel induction (108K, previously done at 90K). Issue persists. Returned to dealer last week with continuing problem but noticeably worse. They’ve had the car for a week, and only recently could they create the issue (hard to believe when I experienced it every day). They’ve narrowed it to cylinders 2 and 4, they THINK. They want to replace valve gasket covers and tubes to tune of $1K. They may find in doing that a coil may need to be replaced. If it needs to be done so be it, but I hesitate. They’ve ruled out transmission problems.

In addition, I’ve lodged concerns often that at about 2K miles after oil change, yellow light comes on and dipstick is almost dry I add oil and all is fine till next change usually another 2-3K miles. No noticeable leaks. They’ve requested I document the oil issue so they can present to Subaru. Any ideas to share?

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