Low Air Intake / AC Condenser Screen – Cheap Insurance!

I installed my screen from @Scarlett today, it was simple and looks great. I got my car last Friday and as of today it has 124 miles on it when I installed the screen. Granted, I didn’t look at the AC capacitor before I drove the car off the lot, but it looks like 124 miles is already showing some wear on it.

You can see a small sound to the “northeast” of the dead insect (stupid spotted lanternfly).

Grille Automotive Exterior Automotive Lighting Gas Font

I think I hit the fly at highway speed, I’m surprised how much that thing bent the feathers! Given the number of these bugs we have in NJ, I think that’s a pretty good reason to grab a screen.

Lattice Rectangle Font Pattern Metal

Here’s a before and after

Wheeled vehicle Land vehicle Vehicle registration plate
Car Land Vehicle Daytime automotive parking light

I highly recommend the display, it fits great! I also popped the intercooler screen today, not much to report there, but I suspect I’ll find some headlight flies under the hood as well.

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