Lift Kits – ReadyLift vs LP Adventure

Howdy – I’m about to pull the trigger on getting an Ascent and have been reading through these threads on Lifts and the possibility of “wobble” and other CV issues. I want to get a 2” lift and some A/T tires and new wheels, nothing too big or aggressive, certainly nothing with any rub, but something more than the stock, and go as light as possible on both. The dealership says I can get it all covered by warranty if I buy through them. They subcontract it out to a local company. I have reached out to that company and they only use the Readylift 2” kit, which this thread suggests is inferior due to lack of the rear subframe spacer.

Is it worth it to pass up on the inclusion of the warranty and just do it myself with a better lift kit? The price difference doesn’t bother me, if I know I’m getting a better product in the end, especially if it means I’ll have a properly aligned vehicle from it.
Should I go straight for the CVT mount insert when I put the lift in? Or wait and see if I actually have an issue?
Any drawback to waiting on the lift kit a while? I see some threads where they say if you want until it has some miles on, putting the lift in then increases the chance of the wobble or other CV issues.
I am upgrading from a Forester, mainly because I’m getting a camper that weights ~3800lbs, should that affect my choices at all? Should I look at upgrading the rear (or all) suspension to handle the extra tow weight? I’ve had sports cars and I’m beyond that stage in my life where I want the hard suspension/low profile tires beating my back up, so I don’t want to go too tight, but I don’t want it snagging or being dangerous/difficult to tow.

Thanks ahead of time!

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