Keep my 2022 Outback XT or trade for a 2024 Outback XT or a 2023 4Runner Limited

Hello all. I’m looking for opinions please. So my 2022 Outback XT Touring has been a Covid era problem child since new. It now has 22,800 miles on it. Dealer fixes it all the time so no issue there but 14 repair invoices is a waste of my time and excessive. This is our 7th Subaru. So the guaranteed trade in is $34,000 The dealer will order me a 2024 Touring XT no accessories for $41,000 . I also “shopped” the car at a Toyota dealer I’ve done business with. They will give me $33,000 trade in on a new 4Runner limited no accessories truck for $49,170
I don’t care about gas mileage my company pays for my gas. My wife and I use the car for around town, road trips and going antiquing. We’re both in our 50’s and it’s just us in the vehicle. We really like the Subaru but perhaps it’s time for a more reliable vehicle? I’m asking for any thoughts or suggestions please. Thank you.

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