Iunno Lifted 2013 2.5 Outback I guess. 4S4BRCCC3D3261970



Just drove to WV from Michigan.

Previous owner really loved it and it shows. Lots of cool aftermarket stuff.

However: Currently needs a transmission bearing. Dealer diagnosed at approximately $9000.

Going to get a second opinion and go from there. But I’m 98% sure it’s the internal bearing based on noise.

Whether it’s a replacement or rebuild transmission I will get this one back on the road as otherwise it seems like it’s all in good shape.

FB25/TR580. 2″ ADF Lift, All Terrains, lights, etc. I have actually wheeled with the previous owner before.

Wheel Tire Car Sky Land vehicle

Looking forward to getting it back on the road but likely won’t be for a few weeks as it’s a busy season for me right now.

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