Is the universe telling me I should not of bought a 2024 OBW?? Annoying issue right off the lot

Bought a 2024 OBW wilderness 2 days ago. Got to the dealership to pick it up and it was literally still wrapped in plastic. I had already test drove one before so I did not feel the need to test drive it which turned out to be a mistake. I left the dealership close to 6pm on Saturday evening and almost immediately driving down the road, I hear the most annoying clicking/rattling/vibrating sound.

The only way to describe it would be playing a playing card attached to the spoke of a bicycle. its pretty steady and constant once you get up and over 5 mph. The freeway is not as noticeable as the road noise drowns it out some. It appears to be coming from the left front, possibly the dash. it does not make the noise when its in neutral. I called the sales guy about 3 min down the road and explained it to him. He thought it might be some plastic still attached to the vehicle. I went home as the service dept was closed to take a look at it myself but found nothing.

I brought the 2 day old vehicle back to the dealership and the service guy and I took it for a ride so he could too hear it. He said they would want to keep it so they can try diagnose and troubleshoot for as long as it takes.

So hear I am, brand new car 2 days old already in Service. The dealership gave me a 2023 OBW for a loaner, but i am a little upset that a brand new 40k 2 days old car is in the shop already for something that should not be. The dealership said they would give me a free oil change for my trouble, but I really think i should of been offered more than that. maybe some accessories?

Honestly, its a manufacturing issue and I do not the fault of the dealership. They have been wonderful through the whole process and trying to get the issue taken care of right away. I was thinking of contacting Subaru NA to express my displeasure of buying a brand new car and having an issue right as i am driving off the lot and now straight into service.

I really really like this car and hoping this is not the beginning of horrible relationship with my new car.

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