I’m looking to completely eliminate all incandescent bulbs (no resistors) in my ’24 Touring XT. Is it possible?

Hey guys, HATE the dreaded incandescent turn signals, and since Subaru went down and didn’t even include them in the top trims (as most competitors do)… and on BOTH sides. Geez. Anyway, looking at options that don’t require messing with wiring at all. You want a plug-and-play solution that doesn’t cause hyperflashes or dash errors. I’m pretty sure the tail lights won’t be a problem, but the position lights and turn signals (especially the front) might be. I hope to find answers here, and hopefully some links :).

Oh, and my ’24 has the dreaded headlights on all the time, instead of DRLs. VERY upset about this as well. Plus, the headlights come on even with the dreaded switch in the ‘o’ (off) position. Is there a setting somewhere to turn on the DRLs instead of the headlights? Thanks to the gang.

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