Idemitsu type-SB2 drain and fill

IIRC, Subaru’s safety data sheet for CVTF-II identifies Idemitsu as the manufacturer and SB2 is their OEM equivalent fluid. You might want to give some details on how you did the fluid change – did you follow the FSM or a YouTube video, etc.?

Thanks for the reply

You Tube…has drained the CVT fluid

Pumped it into old quart bottles to measure exactly what came out (4200ml)

Fill to overflow (after 3400 ml)

I knew something was wrong so I let it run for a minute and shut it down

It took an extra 800ml of fluid and they dribbled out-I was fine though

I suspect I didn’t let the transmission cool enough and it threw my gauge (drove it cold 1/2 mile two hours ago)

I have 1 rope left, now I think I’ll see if he gets it in the morning when it’s cold

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