I think I overfilled my oil. Is it a problem?

I’m not the original owner, but I’ve had it for two years, 45,000 miles. Been going to the dealer for oil changes, but finally decided to try it myself. I installed a Fumoto valve when I did it. So, draining excess will be very easy thanks to that Fumoto.

This is the dipstick. Same one as when I bought the car.

Yeah I’m not sure what happened here. The container I was pouring from was 5QT, and I didnt pour all of it. In the manual, it says that the difference between the low and high marks is 1.1 Qt. If that’s the case, it looks like mine was more than a full quart overfilled. Could there really have been that much that didn’t drain out?

Regardless, I’ve drained out enough that my oil level is now sitting between low and High, and I’m probably going to do another full change for ease of mind, as I don’t know what percentage of this oil is new vs old at this point.

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