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It’s been a long time coming, but I was hoping to post some here, finally — a little to contribute first, mostly looking for other people’s posts to see how things went fixing my wife’s ’08 Outback from at least 10 years now, at 193 thousand today and counting:

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Bone stock except Forester w 215/65/16 Geolandars wheels. He stayed for two years, we traveled the country volunteering on farms in wrx for 2 years and it was a total waste when we got home, for any sane person. But when she goes “I love that car I want to keep it” well, I know that feeling.

Have gone through almost every single system for it almost take it to craigslist grade ‘excellent’ condition. I can make your head spin, including a 0 mile crate motor — something broke my spirit!! Now a totally badass car.

But now it’s a complete family, after getting this Bean from a friend. Now, this friend is one in a million: it was his first car at age 47, he drove around the world with his thumb, he didn’t need or want to drive, he was his father’s beloved pride and joy him, and he proceeded to literally destroy it. Lots of issues but I’m working them out!! You will hear all about them for sure!!

Automotive Side Marker Light Automotive Parking Light Wheel Tire Car

The front bumper was destroyed so goodbye, much easier to work on underneath!! The fogs survived, I’d hang them back there, move the wash jar under the hood and the horns to the grill area there… Grabber AT2 in gold, although unstoppable in the snow, were loud and harsh in the blue of old (also, she wants her Subie to ride like a Cadillac, haha). The 2.5 NA seemed to have trouble turning them too, made the car even more turtley, but the 3.0 no problem!! Having fun turning this thing into a wild vineyard truck.

Nice to meet you all I’m Josh.


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