HVAC fine around town, gets lazy on road trips

Hey all…

Last year about this time on my 08 OBXT with auto HVAC, I replaced both the mode door actuator and the passenger blend actuator… the heat was hot and AC was ice cold, but just not getting to the right places. With those two actuators replaced, everything worked great. Mostly short, around town driving and the auto HVAC worked as it should.

However, this past summer I took two 3hr+ road trips, and both times at about the 1.5hr mark, with the AC blasting cold, all vents seemed to “close”… barely any air coming out of any vent regardless of mode or driver/passenger temp setting. Fan was blasting full, but seemed all mode doors were closed as not much was getting out… not fun on a sunny hot drive. I could pull over, shut off the car and let it sit (for longer than filling the gas tank), and when starting up HVAC would work fine until again around 1.5hrs, the air would be just a trickle out of the vents.

I’ve run the self diagnostic, and all tests & operates fine.

I don’t think it would be the new actuators I installed. I haven’t had any problems with the driver’s side blend. I’ve been through the many posts on auto HVAC issues… FSM mentions a control unit, but haven’t seen many issues raised about that.

What gives?

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