hub outlet behind R&R rear bearings

I have been working my way through replacing the rear wheel bearings on my 98 Outback.

Using, on the car press the hubs in the method.. and place the axle in the rear wheel bearings. I was about to start putting in the internal grease seals when I noticed that the shaft seems to have a bit of a scratch.. Or it wobbles when looking across the car from front to back and turning the shaft by hand..

The shaft looks tight, and there is no noticeable play or slack in the bearings…

AND maybe I’m being paranoid because I’ve never looked to see if a shaft has what I call a run out..

Is it possible for the axle to fit all the way in and not be straight? OR do I need the driveshaft flange tightened to tell if I screwed something up?

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

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