How to restart the hybrid system on a 2016 Subaru crosstrek ?

Hello, folks ,

Who knows how to restart correctly a hybrid system, on a 2016 crosstrek ? The car was standing for an unknown time , without use . The small hybrid battery ( under the hood, on the passengers side ), the battery died . We bought and installed a new battery .

We tried by the owner‘s manual book , to restart the hybrid system.

one of the steps of this reset , is when you bring the access key , and hold it right next to the push-button ignition switch.

there is supposed to be a chime sound, from the car, but there was not. And the hybrid system does not do a restart.

on the dash, there are 2 red symbols lighting up. “Check hybrid system ” and the “ battery “ symbol.
in the owner’s manual, these are pages , 9-23 to 9-25.

What could be the reason, can someone please give advice?

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