How to replace the power tailgate controller

Part 1
After recently discovering that the rear power port had been left open overnight, and it dropped the 4 year old OEM battery to 10.6V, I replaced the battery with a Duralast Gold 24 series and decided to upgrade the PRG controller.

This guide shows how to replace the PRG controller, usually with the revised unit, 63350AL10B, which closes the CAN bus communication after 20 minutes with the opening port:

I ordered from Subaru Parts Deals, and the part was $129 + $18 shipping. Shipped within hours of placing order and arrived in 3 days.

First disconnect the battery, at the current connection of the sensor on the ground side. Do not disconnect the post and hold the current sensor in place while loosening or tightening the 12mm nut. Torque specs are 66 in-lbs. Place an insulator between the cable and the pole so that it does not bend back.

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Remove all floorboards, the foam insert above the tank and the foam insert on the left side. The 2 pins holding this end piece down are very tight and need to be pulled out with a tool. They will fly.

Also remove the scratch plate (the part that surrounds the latch) by pulling it up. There are 4 pins.

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Next, remove the back seat cushion. Simply lift it up 2 positions in the center of each seat, at the front edge. This will extract the 2 clips. Then push it down to the center back while pulling the front edge up. There is a metal claw here, which needs to be raised when you reinstall the seat.

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Before removing the rear seat cushion from the car, disconnect the right side rear seat heater electrical connector.

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Now remove the support on the left side. There is a single 14mm bolt (sorry, no picture) in the floor. Torque is 40 ft-lb. Once you unlock this, push the side stand up and a clip at the top will release.

The support can be left in place and does not need to be removed all the way.

Remove the plastic pin that holds the rear quarter to the metal seat belt bracket.

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