how to read steering angle sensor values?

Ideally, all of this should be viewed on a lift/stretch machine.

If the steering wheel is off-center by a significant amount, the easiest thing to check is to…
1. Both front tie rods have about the same amount of threads showing/screwing in.

2. You should also be able to tell if the front wheels are straight, you can use your laser lines or string, or a long piece of wood, place it flush with the front wheel and measure the gap between the wood and rear wheel (hope that makes sense) which would really only work if the front wheel goes inside. As long as you can get the same measurements on both sides, the front wheels are straight.

If the steering wheel is still off center after being seated then I would try to adjust the steering wheel with 1 back.

If it appears to be straight like this, but then it’s off center while driving, then as @cardoc said, it could be up to the rear end pulling the car to one side, and you’re essentially understeering, this is why the steering wheel would be off center.

Many people seem to forget how much impact the back angles of the finger can have.

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