Hi: I just bought a high mileage 2011 6 speed “unicorn” Outback.. keeper right? (My fourth Subie…)

First of all, I wanted to say hello to everyone! Over the years I have found this forum a great resource and have never had to join or post or contribute until now!
You all are a great resource and I consider it a real benefit to Subaru Outback’s owners!
Most cars don’t have this kind of community.

Over the past six years, I have owned (2) Outbacks (Gen 1 and Gen 3) a Forester. Despite the cars having mixed histories and reasonable repairs and maintenance – – at the time I bought them well used – – I’d consider them high mileage vehicles… And so far I’ve somehow avoided a gasket headache I don’t know how I did it – – but all I can say is that I recommend Subarus as used vehicles to everyone!

Last year I won a high mileage 2004 Subaru Forester salvage title – – and I absolutely love it! I have to say – – it’s probably my favorite Subaru yet (it was hard to beat my previous OB 6cyl 2004 Limited) …. even though I’m – – an Outback person at heart!
((I love everything that ever came from the Indiana plant – – I even helped my neighbor get a very strange and strange Tribeca! It was an interesting find.))

Anyway – – I was after several years of random discovery – – lucky enough to find a 2011 4th Gen – – Outback with the rare six speed transmission on the spot!

I’m a little confused as to which model it is – –, as it seems to be pretty much a hotdog, of course with air conditioning with cruise control and heated seats surprisingly!

The mileage was not very high, only about 233k – – not the highest mileage I have ever purchased. It’s equipped with four cylinders of course – and unfortunately it’s the dirtiest car I’ve ever bought!

I expect the interior to clean up ok, there are also a lot of scratches, a nasty side (that would be expensive but doesn’t bother the door) dents and a bumper that has fallen off a bit. The lady who owned it before me was a busy working mother and put the car through her paces – – luckily had it repaired when it broke down.
It may not have had the best maintenance in its life – – but it just had a new clutch fitted – – and a few other small and expensive repairs that I’m glad I probably won’t have to do .

Before I bought the car, I did the NAPA compressed combustion gas test…it passed my check — no major engine leaks and the coolant was fine.
It’s stunning, regardless of the cosmetic condition – – it’s state inspected, roadworthy at the moment, it has good tires and I’ve put about 100 miles on it now with no apparent problems. In fact, it’s probably the best running car for the money I’ve ever bought. All I can hear is a bad coilover (I’ve had to replace them on every 200K Subaru I’ve ever owned. Worth the $30 part!)

It needs a TON of minor and major cosmetic things – – but it already has less issues than the Forester I already drive in some ways. (Cool AC and a great radio, lol)
The inspection is due in February – – and I have to look into troubleshooting a very annoying thing – – the ABS system problem of the flashing brake light (could just be a wheel sensor I’m not sure.)

Long story short, I’m very happy with my Forester, but I couldn’t get past a six-speed manual transmission on the spot!

I find it a very quirky and fun car to drive with a stick shift, period. I can totally see the six-speed being the unicorn everyone wants. It has a very strange gear ratio – – the first year is what I would consider a granny (about 3.5?, in 4 it’s almost 1:1)) It’s very pleasant, but there are a lot of gears to shift. Clutch feel is great – – I haven’t owned many manual transmission cars in my life – – but I’d say this is by far the best.

That’s the main issue, otherwise I think it’s a super cool car!

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