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Well hey there,

From my decade rooted within the Subaru community… (Starting before the NASIOC/I-Club split) … Being an admin here, Ascent Forums & Solterra Forum, SubaruForester.org and as well as a Super-Duper Mod on SubaruXVForum . I think it’s about time I threw one of these together for here.

1 2000 RS – Death of inanimate object, Rt33 (March 2000 – April 1, 2001)

Five point gear FTW!

I made a small detour via a 1989 GTi 16v which was the little wagon I could for about a year, which remained in good condition except for the removal of the first scarf. One of the previous owners installed two mufflers on it to quiet it down and muffle the performance. Surprisingly removing one made quite a difference. And then a 2003 Lexus IS300 for six months or so after working with Greddy on Prototype Coilovers and an exhaust system. It also broke down at the dealership because of the “free” parts I was given.

2nd RS (August 2003 – July 2011) Changed a lot and many iterations. Looks relatively stock, but carried a big stick.>:)


And then….. A big old dagnabit, no new WRX/Legacy pickups and I didn’t want the WRX hatchback or an Outback. (at that time) XT will have to do. :evil: Minion #2 arrives a few weeks ago and my RS as a modified daily driver would practically not accommodate a Recaro child seat and a giant Graco stroller. I couldn’t justify keeping the RS as a weekend car, plus the proceeds of that sale significantly reduced the kick in the door for the XT. Alas the child I sold to butcher his parts. And eventually drove him to the ground. 😭

After searching my SoCal dealers, they all had XTs in the 6-8 week arrival time frame when I needed a new set of wheels sooner than that. Even though I knew it was temporary being a 1 car family, the less time we had to deal with this the better. Unfortunately the only one I could find was an OBP version (at the bottom of my color pick list.)

The four things it had going for it were leather interior, upgraded speakers, navigation and five-spoke wheels. Seven miles on ODO before the 14 mile test drive. Mandatory swirls in the paint, while not on Subaru’s official order form, they were given to me at no cost.


FYI, Subaru of Ontario is a terrible dealer. Even after agreeing to an out the door price on paper via email, they tried to raise the price $3k after we got there. Plus we were paying cash (no financing) and were advised we could save money if we financed. This was from their financier. He may have been joking, but it was too vain not to be a serious belief from him.

Day 1 from dealer.


The current version…


Now with Minions not staying Minion size…. It was finally time to update the family pickup… Unfortunately, I didn’t have this epiphany until AFTER I spent the $$$ on new tires for the XT… Being in Multiple Climbs, they are too big for our needs, plus they won’t fit in the garage like the OB will. And I really like my parking spot. (Since early March `20, outdoor parking is premium in our neighborhood)

Since dropping my First RS…. I have ‘sold’ quite a few to family members and friends of ….

Parental units
`14 OB 2.5 – SWP, Limited – Traded
`16 OB 3.6 – ISM, Limited – traded
`19 OB 3.6 – SWP, limited

Sibling number 3
2016 Forester 2.5

Sibling number 2
2003 Outback 3.0 LL Bean – Sold
2018 Crosstrek

Sibling #1 – For some reason he did not convert. lol
BMW e36 convertible
Landrover LR4
Jeep CJ7

Sadly or very much depending on how you look at it. I ended up having to send in a one owner `19 ISM 3.6R Limited CPO. – 10,356 miles…. (Package #24 + All Weather Floor Liners, Bumper Cover, Seat Protectors, Dimming Mirror)

Everything I would look at in my region had a lot more mileage on it. It was ‘loved’ with the interior, or the asking price was still higher than what I bought, shipped.

The dealer version versus the actual item that appeared is pretty drastic. 🤣 Then again 2000 miles of riding through winter weather will change one’s looks… Although it looked a lot better than the 2008 Bentley Continental still in the truck.

And yes, Subarus are meant to be dirty and muddy. But it’s no fun if someone else does it for you.


I already have some mods on the way to install. And you need to transfer 1-3 items from XT… Mainly DashCam.

We’ve got another storm system coming through in the next 48 hours… Hopefully that will remove some of the dirt to cut down on the elbow grease to get it all shiny.

This purchase also means the XT will leave the ‘wagon house’….Minion #1 has a few years before it gets a set of keys and it won’t be for a turbo vehicle…..lol
Plus it will help kick off the ‘new car fund’… Although personal loan union interest rates are suffocating at the moment, but better than the big banks. – Wells Fargo beats DIAF


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