Hail Damage (in July!) | Subaru Ascent Forum

File the insurance claim, it must be covered under your comprehensive, so you will pay whatever the deductible is. Your dealer won’t do anything with it, it will be handled by either a collision center or your favorite auto body shop. It might be possible to get them out using the freeze/vacuum system, but maybe not. I just had 6 small scratches on my Forester that ended up getting me a check for $700 because you are probably looking to remove part of the title for the PDR guys to get their tools on the bottom.

And while aerodynamics provided by nature tend to be a way of life here in Oklahoma, they also automatically disqualify your car for the Subaru GTP program if not properly repaired. You’re also looking at paint stretching, which over time can cause the paint to chip and fall off if not repaired as well.

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