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I got a response from Grimmspeed, but I feel like I really need to just call them, because as I get responses, I have more questions, so lots of back and forth.

Here is the latest response from them with my questions:

Question to GrimmSpeed:
“Do you springs for the lift kit come in different strengths? Are the rears setup as overloads? Also, is there any issue combining your lift kit with a spacer lift as well? I appreciate your help with this.
This is for a 2022 Subaru Outback Touring XT.”

Response from GrimmSpeed:
“They do not come in different spring rates unfortunately – we also have not confirmed fitment with any spacers, since it is a newer product, we haven’t had anyone report to us that anything is combinable or compatible!”

Question in Reply to GrimmSpeed:
“Thank you for letting me know. Do you know if the rear springs are considered overload springs? Comparable to Rallitek overload rear springs?”

I also intend to follow up on the actual spring rates, unless you get an answer on this first.

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