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Hello everybody! After purchasing my 2019 Ascent Premium I’ve been lurking around the Forum for a while and decided I should make it official. My first Subaru was a ’98 Outback, which served me well for 18 years. I also had a 2015 Forester that I really liked (one of the last years with the 6spd), but I wanted to tow a camper and the Forester just didn’t have the capacity, so I went with the Ascent. (I sold the Forester to a close friend, so I still have visitation rights!).

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with Ascension. I have towed my trailer three times on the road as well as several trips to the midwest with no problems. Before my most recent ride, I replaced the OEM Falkens with Wildpeak A/Ts, thinking I wanted something a little stronger. I like Wildpeaks, but feel like my MPG has suffered – especially towing.

I’ve seen a few threads asking for trailer tips, so I’ve included a photo of my rig for reference. Is one [email protected] 320 Boondocks. It won’t suit everyone’s needs, but it’s perfect for two – or in our case, two plus a large dog.

See you around the Forum!

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