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It was the dealer I bought the car from and they originally offered it for $3,400 when I bought it in December and I told them I wouldn’t pay that much and would shop around for it. I’m still not sure why they lowered the price so significantly, actually. They managed to get me the prorated warranty refund for my ’19 Crosstrek that I traded in and got $1,400 out of it. I told her last week (different financial person) that I have seen prices from $1,800 to $3,400 but mostly around $2,200 and then she offered me $1,825. The documents are legal. It’s basically the same SAS form I signed for my Crosstrek in 2019. It was 3/31, so maybe they needed a little more for the March quote. Also, we’ve bought 3 Subarus there (2 were brand new) and had all our service done there, so maybe it made a difference.

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