Generation 6 – TPMS Self-Registration

I am planning to put 2018 Legacy wheels on my 2023 Outback for the winter. Is there consensus on whether sensors should be programmed or not? From the manual it looks like this is done automatically…

Excerpt from Outback 2023 manual p533:

TPMS valve self-registration

When wheels are changed (such as when installing snow tires) or when a new TPMS valve is fitted to a newly installed wheel, you will need to perform the TPMS valve self-registration. Refer to the procedure below to perform self-registration of the TPMS valve.

1. Install the wheels with TPMS valves in the vehicle.

2. Adjust the tire pressure to the specified value. For information about the specified tire pressure value, refer to “Tires” P566.

3. Drive above 25 mph (40 km/h) for at least 4 miles (6 km) or until the low tire pressure warning light goes out.


  • When installing TPMS valves, use only genuine SUBARU parts.
  • TPMS valve registration can also be done at a SUBARU dealer. Consult your SUBARU dealer.

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