Generation 6 – Is it possible to judge the front corners of the car with the front camera?

hi all, I’m hoping to lean on the people with the front camera on the Outback as I’m considering buying one.

background: I don’t have stereo vision, so you always have a challenge judging where the front corners of my vehicle are. I’m usually more comfortable at times with past cars, but I’m coming from an Impreza and I think the size of the Outback and its longer hood will make this adjustment and learning curve more challenging.

I’ve only seen a few videos of the front-facing camera available on the Touring and Onyx XT trims, which clearly show how it can help someone measure the distance between an object straight ahead and in front of the bumper.

My question is: even though the fisheye is distorted, can the camera be reliably used to judge where the front corner of the car is when you turn the wheel and try to “clear” another vehicle?

thanks anyone can share experiences or knowledge. if that’s possible then I’ll likely buy one of these models (although that feature aside, the vehicle I want is the regular Onyx with the NA engine).

(doesn’t seem like anyone can install the cam on any of the other Outbacks without some major modifications)

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