Generation 4 – 4th generation work – price control and do I have to do it myself?

It had been a while since I looked at my 4th gen Subaru – 2012 with 110,000 miles.

Brought it in and got estimates for the work it needs (all parts and labor estimates).

looking for advice if the estimates are reasonable (seems to be) and which of the jobs I should do.

The front control arm bushings are torn. Control arm replacement: $750
Scope: $150

Rear brakes are 20% but rusted.
Brake replacement: $350

The rear differential bushings are cracked.
Replace: $805

The left rear wheel bearing is going.
Replace wheel bearing: $426

Also has a tick at idle, but he wasn’t able to narrow it down beyond that it’s not the serpentine belt or pulleys – he suspects the valve lifters.

I’ve done brakes and calipers on my van at speed, replaced an alternator and done the serpentine belt, idler and pulleys so I’m kind of handy and not. You also have access to a 10,000 pound automatic lift.

Are the prices quoted reasonable?

As for what to do… I’m planning on making the steering wheel bearings and brakes myself (can wait a bit for the brakes). The gun control debate – is it worth it to do it yourself?

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