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Hello all this is my first post. Ive tried looking at multiple forums and reddit and I keep coming up empty handed.

I have an 08 outback VIN 6th digit is 6. Its 100% a 2.5L. But its a non turbo dual cam. Everywhere says SOHC. I have been for most of my life either Ford or BMW. The Boxer motor was new to me but I pulled it to replace the head gaskets and I mean… i know what a cam is. I am not finding DOHC non turbo AT in this year model. Serial matches VIN it was a single owner before me.

All of this is to say about 2k miles after I replaced gaskets pump pulley belt etc. It jumped time. I am going to pull it again but if I have it out I wanted to do some mods and was trying to see what I could pull from other subys to match up. With this odd motor search I just wasnt sure what to do.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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