Gen 7 – 2025 or Beyond?



I owned a ’21 Tesla Model 3 long range, and it was anything but reliable. First year with the heat pump, so that didn’t help. But severe software issues, which we didn’t expect. And stupid problems we never expected, like a software update that screwed up the electric trunk, and they took months and months to fix. I was lucky to sell that POS for an actual profit a year and 10K miles later, but the sheer drawbacks of an EV with current battery technology is out of the question for us. Our supposed ‘353-mile’ range was less than 200 on the highway, and we lost over 2 hours extra charging the **** thing on a 600-mile trip to Austin. Oh, and the HVAC was absolute crap, which felt like non-existent with that much freaking glass. Anyway, until battery technology improves dramatically (Toyota announces a break-through for ’25), no more EVs for us.

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