Gen 7 – 2 General questions on blind spot lights and steering adjustment

I have two issues with my 2020 OB XT so I’m looking here for advice on how to fix them. The first is the lever to tighten the steering adjustment just refuses to lock the steering column most of the time. It may take a dozen tries to get it to stay in the locked position. Is there any way to tighten the lever? I have to adjust it every time I get into the vehicle and maybe it’s not designed for that much continuous use.

The other is that I don’t think my blind spot warning lights are coming on anymore. I hadn’t noticed them for so long that I started paying attention and I don’t think they work now. There is a light in the outer recess of the rear view mirrors that should come on when a vehicle is in that blind spot area. There is one on either side. Could this involve a fuse, a setting, or just knowing more about how that system works? Maybe the warning only comes on after so many seconds or at a certain speed compared to my car? I just know it used to work, but I’m not sure it still does.

Three and a half years old and I still love him like never before. This Turbo engine is awesome.

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