Gen 6 users: what is your expectation of life for your Subie?

First off, considering I drove my previous Subie for 22 years, I consider my Gen 5 (2018) a “recent model”. While I don’t have a very precise expectation of the Gen 5, I would certainly expect to drive it way past 120K! At my age and how I tend to drive these days, unless some idiot or a moose blunders into it, chances are it will be the last car I buy. Despite that theory, I do what I usually do with all my cars: establish and maintain an accrual account to pay for routine maintenance and repair.

How long you choose to keep yours will depend on your personal tolerance for the cost of upkeep, cosmetics, and unavoidable wear and tear due to reasonable use. How you treat the car will play into its longevity. If you beat the tar out of it, work it hard and put it back in the stable wet, it simply won’t survive as long.

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