Gen 6 – The Starlink app will not stop working on the phone.

Just ran into a similar problem this week with Starlink on my new iPhone12. My battery started mysteriously draining to 30-40% overnight. The battery stats showed that it had been running in the background for something like 22 out of the last 24 hours.

The only thing that seems to have changed in the past 48+ hours is that I got an in-car warning and text message that — gasp! — My wiper fluid was low. (This is something my past cars told me by simply not scrambling up the windshield that much)

I think I checked the status report via starlink and somehow that gave permission for the app to stay on task 24/7.

I restarted the phone and then turned off Background App Refresh and set Location to “In Use Only”, hoping to curb the app’s drain on my battery. I also see that sometime in the last 2 weeks since I reset my stats, the Subaru Starlink has used 16.7 cellular data (who knows how much wifi), which seems pretty excessive considering the simple, similar data with the text that should be needed for it. send the phone.

I know, if the oil tank was empty and the engine was about to seize, I can see this level of concern on behalf of the car’s electronics. But if this bug is constantly dousing my phone with windshield washer fluid, the app is a POS.

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