Gen 6 – Hybrid or plug-in hybrid

An EV Outback would be the death of the Outback. It’s designed for adventure, exploring, and road trips. Soltera only gets a little over 200 miles per charge. Now imagine doing any sort of adventure in an outback with 200 miles range. I’m just doing a little southern Wisconsin ski trip next week and it wouldn’t be able to make it. Specially because it’s going to be around 0f when I leave and EV batteries suffer massively in the cold.

And you are waiting for the infrastructure? What are you expecting? A bunch of high power powerlines running through national parks and forests to fast charging stations so you don’t end up stranded in the wilderness because you drove 150 miles to the camp site?

Hybrid would work but there’s already so much underneath the Outback they have to add a huge hump in the middle of the cabin. Now add electric motors and batteries. Now add the fact you have an off road vehicle with something that will explode and start a huge fire if it’s punctured, driving through the forest.

If the future is electric and there’s no revolutionary battery tech you better savor these last few years with a vehicle like an Outback that can go on adventures, because there is no adventure in current EVs. Unless we start to see EVs with 500+ mile range, an EV future means solar panels, towers, and huge wires sprawled across nature.

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