Gen 6 – Forward while stopped/while moving

I’ve noticed similar behavior, I’ll answer the two issues noted separately:

1.) Coasting to a Stop and Dozing: I have noticed something similar, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a safety issue because the vehicle never accelerates forward during a coasting stop. Rather, it appears to be “downshifting” into a lower “gear” at about 15 to 10 mph increasing the engine RPM and decelerating the vehicle faster because it is in a lower gear ratio compared to the coast previous where the vehicle is over 15 mph. . I only feel this in slow braking situations, as a moderate or hard braking situation I’m assuming the braking force hides the feel of the transmission moving down in the ratios. It’s annoying, but I’ve felt the same in automatic transmission vehicles I’ve driven. I just chalk it up to a quirk of CV streaming and it’s never been extreme for me. This is also my first CV and Subaru

2.) Walking fast/hard before the start: I think this has an easy explanation. After starting the 2.5 will maintain a high idle as it goes through its warm up, somewhere just above 1500 RPM if my memory serves me. And it holds that high RPM for a good amount of time compared to some of the other vehicles I’ve owned. When you put the vehicle into drive or reverse, the RPMs should drop to a more normal RPM level between 500 and 1000 rpm, however if you don’t give the car a moment to do so, the transmission will engage at 1500 rpm causing the vehicle to lean forward.

When you start your vehicle, you should give it a moment to warm up, and when you put it in gear, you will give it a moment before releasing the brake. If you go in, start it up, and put it right into gear, it will cause the kind of boom you’re talking about. You just need to give everything a little time during startup and it should solve the issue. And this warm-up process should be the same for all CVs or Automatics. It just might be more noticeable in Subies because of the CV ratios.

Just my two cents 🤷🏻‍♂️

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