Gen 6 – Driver door unlocking itself

I’m having an odd issue with my 2022 Outback Wilderness – several times over the six months I’ve owned the car, I go to unlock the car after locking it and ONLY the driver’s door is unlocked.

This has happened 5 or 6 times and it’s difficult to explain, but I’m sure there’s something wrong with the locking mechanism.

I first noticed the issue when I pulled on the door via keyless entry and the lights and audible signal didn’t go off when the door opened. After it happened several more times, I tested it without the key in my pocket and the driver’s door just opened. All other doors in the car were locked.

I took it to the dealer and the service rep told me that if I couldn’t recreate the issue, they wouldn’t be able to help me. I’m wondering if anyone else on the forum has had this issue and how it was resolved.

Thank you.

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