GEN 6 CVT Fluid Change in 2021 Outback

I am about to add fluid to my 2021 Outback CVT. If anyone has done this themselves on the newer 2021 Outback, I have some information and questions.
For those changing the fluid, I was told by Subaru that there are now two fill locations on the CVT, one on the left above the exhaust (very difficult to use) and now fortunately one on the opposite side of the driver (Subaru told us that).
Has anyone found a fluid that matches Subaru’s CVTF-11 fluid? Must be eligible for 2020 and 2021!
Also, if you found a replacement fluid, would it be okay to use it for a regular fluid change? The reason I ask is that there are still a few quarts of Subaru fluid still in the CVT.

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