Gen 6 comes from a Gen 5 owner, mixed feelings

You can change the cruise control acceleration settings to be more eco-friendly or “Dynamic”…

it seems at quick glance having first hand experience in Gen3 and newer Outbacks that there is less “acceleration” off the line at lower speeds. Perhaps Subaru purposely designed it this way to help reduce wear and stress on the CVT. Toyota is using a lower gear direct drive – a lift-off device, if you will.

I have found that once the car is warmed up to operating temperature, or at least around the 175F area – the engine and transmission run much better. Smoother and quieter operation without pole lash when cold. It might be something to think about if you’re starting the car and driving right away. I’m not suggesting you leave it at idle forever, but by waiting for the oil temps to be a readable value in the preferred widget before setting off, I’ve found that the driving experience has been more satisfying.

There is also a well written procedure by @SilverOnyx on how to recalibrate the throttle position, it only takes a few minutes and can help alleviate the “dead spots” in the throttle you may suggest.

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