Gen 6 – Another 2022 windshield crack

There are a lot of threads on windshield cracks that you may have already read, but if not, here’s a summary:

If there is no obvious point of impact where the crack started, Subaru may cover it under warranty instead of using your car insurance. In that case they will use OE Carlex glass.

If it’s covered by your car insurance, you may not be given a choice of replacement glass, but if you can and choose Pilkington, it’s believed to be thicker, heavier and more durable than OE Carlex glass. If it’s not going to be OE Carlex, then I wouldn’t want 3rd party replacement brand glass (many of which are made in China) unless it’s Pilkington.

If possible, upload a photo of your crack so others with similar windshield problems can see if theirs cracked the same way as yours. If all windshields crack in the same way, then that indicates something other than impact damage, which should be fairly random. The curvature of the glass may invite the cracks to spread in a particular way, but if the cracks look identical, then there is more to it than that.

This link shows other photos (not carefully curated, so cracks may be from other generation Outbacks) Programmable Search Engine

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