Gen 6 – 2020-2024 CVT reliablity

Read my discussion starter post. I stated that I’ve already test driven a Legacy Touring XT and was pleased with its CV transmission performance. As I stated……my concern is the reliability of the CVT in the Outback/Legacy.
Are you Outback owners experiencing quality and reliability issues with the CVT?

this is your other thread (its too many clicks for regular members to get there without a link, so I may put it in the first post of this thread too).

I don’t recall people being concerned about the CVTs in 2020-2024, and you are buying the last year of this Generation.
In my n/a 2.5 2018 legacy I use the paddles all the time, as I am in mountains and like to engine brake.
(I just had a drain / fill done around 60,000 miles)

as you are in Colorado, replace the CVT fluid every once in a a while and drive happy.

As for 2.4T CVT discussions, have you read any on or a impreza forum concerning the newest WRX ? (I have not looked at in a long time).

I would think the CVT of the 2024 legacy turbo would be very similar to the CVT 2022 outback turbo you had. (and updated thread title).

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